Pond Making

We explored different materials that would be useful for Emily (the character in our story) to build a pond for her whale.  We had to think about sturdy construction, as well as waterproof materials.  We had to show skills of collaboration and take some risks to make the best pond for Arthur!




Our Visit to the Church

As part of our R.E. Big Question “What makes a building a church?” we visited Christ Church. Whilst we were there, Father Sean and Father Nic told us all about the objects in the church. We really enjoyed listening to them!

Our Fabulous Beach Trip!

As part of our Geography Topic Year One walked around their local environment. We had to fill in an I Spy sheet on their travels, we were really good at spotting things from their local environment. As part of our trip we visited the beach and went for a paddle in the sea. We also had to comb the beach to find objects that were on our I Spy sheet – it was great fun!!

Finding out about Fairtrade

Diamond Class has been finding out about Fairtrade as part of our Geography work and our Amazon Rainforest Learning Adventure.  Here are some of the children involved in group discussions about who in the banana production chain should be paid the most money. They were rather shocked by the real non-Fairtrade figures!

Year 6 Diamond Class visit to the LIFE exhibition

All the children in Upper Key Stage 2 have been or will be visiting the LIFE exhibition.  This temporary exhibition, all about Jesus’ life, is based at St Peter and St Paul’s Church in Parkstone Road.  It asks the children what they think about Jesus and who he was.  Diamond class are the first class to have visited from Christ Church. Here are some photos of our experience.

Year Three have fun dressing up in World War One costumes!

We had brilliant fun dressing up in original and authentic reproductions of uniforms worn by World War One service men and women, as part of our Heritage Project. The uniforms were a little large but the children agreed how sturdily made they were and suitable for life in the trenches. This hands on experience allows children to relate to times past and to understand how different things were for people during war time. We also looked at and other artifacts, such as written records, ration books and personal items from that time in history.