Forest School Visitor

Forest School Thursday 27th June

The session began with a talk from Paula Roberts, a local Bee Keeper. The children learned about how important bees are to our environment, about the different types of bees we might find in our woods and gardens and which plants we can plant in our gardens to attract them. She also brought along lots of different objects for the children to touch, taste and smell. The remainder of the morning was spent on the Nature Trail making honeysuckle head dresses, den building and exploring.

Down Syndrome Awareness Day

On March 21st Jade celebrated Down Syndrome Awareness day by wearing odd socks. We also held a cake sale at break time to raise any money we could. We were overwhelmed with the amounts of cakes and donations from you all! Thank you so much to you all . You helped us raise £102.82 for Down’s Syndrome Association! We have received our thank you letter and certificate to share with you all.


Amethyst go to the Jerwood!

Today – 9th May 2019 – we visited the Jerwood Gallery in Hastings as part of the ‘Pearls of the Sea’ project, guided by artist Ed Boxall. Inspiration has come from nonsense poetry such as that of Edward Lear. Within the environment of the galleries, surrounded by the latest exhibitions from Quentin Blake (illustrator) and John Carter (sculptor) as well as the Jerwood collection, the children created and collected nonsense vocabulary. After this they created lines of poetry which will eventually be made into a collaborative poem and book. Every child was creative and engaged with the process. Their imagination flew and great poetry was made! We would just like to take this opportunity to thank Ed and the staff at Jerwood gallery for making this happen and we are all looking forward to the forthcoming exhibition where their work will be on display to the public alongside other schools taking part. And Amethyst you are fabulous!







Quentin Blake drawingJohn Carter Sculpture

Jaws and Claws comes to Year Three!!

We had an exciting visit from Jaws and Claws as part of our Animals and Humans science project. The children were very excited at meeting all the interesting and unusual animals!

“My favorite animal was the Tenrec. His name was Terrence. and he can live for 4 to 6 years. Terrance is 6 months old” – Storm

“Buster the tree frog, from the Amazon jungle eats locusts and bat poo! He is 5. They can live for 16 years and can change colour. They are good at climbing tables!” – Angelina

“Brian the land snail has a tongue at the bottom of his foot. His favourite food is sweet potato. He will live for 10 years and has two pairs of eyes” – Erin

“I liked the snake because you can feel the guinea pig being digested!” – Erin









Here are some more photos from this great day…

A Hissing Cockroach!

A Bearded Lizard called Lucy. “Lucy lives for 20 to 30 years and is very squishy like a pillow. It looks like she has one million hexagons around her skin!” – Monika