I read this book when I was about ten and it became my favourite book. I have read it again recently and realise now why I liked it so much. It is very well written and has adventure, mystery and captures the wide open spaces of the plains of America. Oh and not to mention the horses. ‘The Green Grass of Wyoming’ by Mary O’Hara.

Forest School Year Three

Year Three have enjoyed a trip to Alexandra Park with Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Peters to experience some outside learning. They looked for mini beasts, climbed trees, designed homes for small creatures and found lots of mud!

Our Forest School site is still under construction but in the future we are looking forward to lots more fun activities including: fire lighting, whittling, use of saws and much more!


Volcanoes erupting in Amethyst Class!

In Year Three we have been exploring the life cycle of a volcano in our ‘Earth Rocks’ Learning Adventure. After making papier mache volcanoes, we then created the lava by combining vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create an acid and alkali reaction .

Below are some photos from the actual eruption event!




Alongside this, the children have been writing some brilliant formal recounts about the process. Below is Hollie’s writing in it’s draft form. We are so proud of Hollie because, not only has she written a very engaging piece, but she has worked extremely hard on her targets, as have so many in Year Three.

We hope you are as impressed as we are!





Year 3 Violin Concert

Since September half of year 3 have been learning the violin with Mr. Coldwell every Monday afternoon.

On Monday Mr.Coldwell and the children put together a performance for the rest of year and parents. We were able to see what they had been learning and some key information about how to play the violin. We were all very impressed and the rest of the year group cannot wait to begin to learn. Don’t forget there are many opportunities for your children to continue the violin or any instrument if they wish.

Letters have been sent home outlining the details of how to apply for music lessons but you can also visit eastsussex.gov.uk/music.

Many thanks to all of you who came along to the performance, hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did.

Looking after our Teeth

Year 3 have been learning about teeth and the importance of dental hygiene over the last few weeks.  Children have found out the names and functions of different teeth, how many sets of teeth we get, what foods and drinks to avoid and what really happens to our teeth if we don’t look after them!


In our first session, the children brought in their toothbrush and toothpaste and were asked to brush their teeth as they would normally at home. Each child was then given a disclosing tablet which turned their mouth different colours. The disclosing tablet revealed two types of plaque- old and new. When the teeth were coloured blue, it meant that this was the area often missed or forgotten during tooth brushing. This told the children which areas they should focus on and remind themselves not to miss. If the teeth turned red this would indicate new plaque. Children were then asked to brush their teeth again until all the dye was removed from their mouths.


Yesterday, Year Three were lucky enough to be visited by a dental hygienist who told us lots about our teeth. Children found out when they should brush their teeth, how long they should brush for and to never rinse out the toothpaste containing the fluoride which cleans their teeth. Children learnt all about the dentist and how they should be visiting a dentist every 6 months!


We have very much enjoyed this area of learning, which would not have been possible without the help from our supportive parents, Gensing Road dental  practice and the School Health team.

Year 3 Christmas Enterprise 2018

Over the last few weeks,  the fabulous Year Threes have been working  hard and enthusiastically to create wonderful and exciting items to sell at our Christmas fair on Monday 10th December (3.15 – 4.15 pm). Year Three planned and coordinated the making of   exquisite, rustic Christmas decorations including elves, Christmas trees, reindeer and hanging decorations.

All items will be on sale at the Christmas Fair. In addition to this we have a GIANT reindeer which will be raffled.

All proceeds will go towards the year group in order to facilitate school outings and special resources as needed.