Year 4 Visit to Hastings Mosque

On Tuesday 20th November 2018, Year 4 went to Hastings Mosque.

When we arrived we had to take our shoes and socks off to be respectful, and some of the girls wore headscarves to show respect to the Imam. We had a tour of the Mosque and then we drew pictures of some of the features that we spotted.

We found it really interesting that the carpet in the mosque was designed so that when the Muslims are praying there they are automatically facing towards Mecca. There were also lots of clocks to remind the Muslims when their prayers (they pray 5 times a day!) have to take place.

The Mosque building itself used to be a school, but was bought by the Muslim community in Hastings 30 years ago and converted into a place of worship.

Whilst there we also learned that the men and women pray in separate rooms.



The special carpet in the Mosque.

The Imam

A huge collection of Qurans!

The special clock with reminds worshippers of the prayer times.

Jaxon re enacting a Muslim prayer using a Quran and the special carpet.

Coral Christmas Enterprise

Here are some pictures of Coral class decorating the cookies that we made for the Christmas Enterprise Fair.

The children really hope you enjoyed eating the biscuits as much as they enjoyed decorating them!


Year 4 Art Workshop

Last week, Year 4 were delighted to welcome local artist Su Blackwell, who came in to do an art workshop with the children.

Su specialises in making sculptures using books, and as you can see the children loved having the opportunity to create their own scenes from fairy tales using Su’s techniques.




Fabulous P.E

We have had the opportunity to take part in some amazing P.E lessons this term with coaches coming in to teach the children and the adults. The children have had an amazing time and so have we.  We have enjoyed, tag rugby, cricket and hockey.  We are looking forward to gymnastics next term.


Year 4 Rock Pooling Trip

On Wednesday 18th July 2018, Year 4 went to Goat Ledge to do some rock pooling and other beach activities. We had an amazing time, as you can see from the pictures below.

Thankyou to the PTFA for providing and delivering ice lollies for the children to enjoy in their break, and to the parents who were able to come and help.


A very exciting letter…

In Year 4 this term, one of our Home Learning tasks was to write a letter to the Prime Minister about an environmental issue. Many of the children wrote moving and well thought out letters, but Emily went one step further. She decided to actually send her letter ( which raised the issue of bee conservation and protection) off to Downing Street. We were all excited to find that one of Theresa May’s Correspondence Officers actually wrote back!


An excited Emily reading her reply from Downing Street to the class.


In his reply, the Correspondence Officer thanked Emily for her letter, and informed her that he had passed it on the the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, who will hopefully be able to respond to Emily’s letter with some suggestions for what we can do to combat the environmental issue she raised.