Year 4 Visit to Hastings Mosque

On Tuesday 20th November 2018, Year 4 went to Hastings Mosque.

When we arrived we had to take our shoes and socks off to be respectful, and some of the girls wore headscarves to show respect to the Imam. We had a tour of the Mosque and then we drew pictures of some of the features that we spotted.

We found it really interesting that the carpet in the mosque was designed so that when the Muslims are praying there they are automatically facing towards Mecca. There were also lots of clocks to remind the Muslims when their prayers (they pray 5 times a day!) have to take place.

The Mosque building itself used to be a school, but was bought by the Muslim community in Hastings 30 years ago and converted into a place of worship.

Whilst there we also learned that the men and women pray in separate rooms.



The special carpet in the Mosque.

The Imam

A huge collection of Qurans!

The special clock with reminds worshippers of the prayer times.

Jaxon re enacting a Muslim prayer using a Quran and the special carpet.

Year 4 Art Workshop

Last week, Year 4 were delighted to welcome local artist Su Blackwell, who came in to do an art workshop with the children.

Su specialises in making sculptures using books, and as you can see the children loved having the opportunity to create their own scenes from fairy tales using Su’s techniques.




Bonkers Hats

The Children in Topaz had the opportunity to work with Sarah Evans, a local artist from 18 hours and the Storytelling Festival.  All children are welcome to come along to the parade which starts at 3 p.m on Sunday 11th November from the Stade.


World War 1 in Topaz Class.

The children have been learning about World War 1.  They have looked at artefacts from World War 1 and had the opportunity to dress up in some replica clothing.  The children also put together a short play for Worship and learnt some WW1 songs.  They will be reenacting this in Messy Mass on 30th October at 3.30pm.

The children then spent time looking on the Roll of Honour website to find soldiers that lived close to their house or street.  They then sent posters out to these homes so they can be displayed in the home of that soldier.