Year 5 Sponsored Skipathon

We had a lovely morning outside on Wednesday to raise money for an astrodome visit, later on this term, for our learning adventure on space.

Each class had two attempts to work out their personal best for the most skips in 2 minutes. After their attempts they could re energise with fruit and squash!

The aim of the skipathon was for each class to get 1500 skips in 2 minutes. Both classes did amazingly and soared above this!

Pearl class had a total of 2448 skips.

Ruby class had a total of 3265 skips.

Well done to all the children in both classes and thank you to all parents, carers, relatives and friends who sponsored the children in year 5 we have raised a total of £250 and still have some sponsorship forms to come back!!

Year 5 – Tudor Dance

The Year 5’s have worked very hard this term. Their learning adventure about the Tudors has taken them to visit Michelham Priory, discover more about Henry VIII and his wives and explore the experiences faced by someone living in Tudor times.

Alongside this they have used their PE lessons to create a Tudor dance. The children worked hard learning the steps and making sure they kept in time with the music. As their termly home learning, the children were encouraged to make a Tudor costume to wear during their performance.

On Monday 1st April they held a performance in the playground infront of family members.

Here are a few of the photos taken that day.

Keep your eyes peeled for video footage of the children dancing coming soon.



Year 5 visit to Michelham Priory

On Thursday 14th March the Year 5’s visited Michelham Priory as part of their termly learning adventure about the Tudors.

They had a wonderful hands-on day exploring the grounds, the kitchens, grinding spices and using quills – which some of the children were excellent at!

The children also took part in a drama, dressing up and living as King Henry VIII’s court, and enjoyed a ‘Tudor Feast’ in the dining hall.


The staff and volunteers at the Priory were fantastic making the day a brilliant experience for everyone (adults included).

Every child was gifted a free entry ticket so they can return with their families and perhaps share a thing or two that they have learnt.



Investigating Holy Week

In RE, Pearl class have been investigating our topic of Holy Week.  On Tuesday afternoon, we worked on creating freeze frames based on two bible stories – the Last Supper and the Garden of Gethsemane. We needed to be creative in the way that we became our characters.  We needed to think about our body language and facial expressions to show how each character was feeling and to help make it clear which character was which.  Many of us chose to include Jesus and Judas in our freeze frames as well as another disciple.  Some of us were surprised to find out about the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane.  Some of them fell asleep even though Jesus asked them to keep watch and they all left him when he was arrested.


Can you guess who each person is supposed to be?


Written by Pearl Class

The Tudors Term 4

This term we are continuing with our learning adventure on the Tudors.

We have begun creating a dance focusing on traditional etiquette and sequences that the Tudors would have used at formal dances. You are invited to watch our dance at the end of the term!

Hopefully we will get some more ideas when we visit Michelham Priory on the 14th March.

Scrapbook Pages WW1

In year 5, Pearl class, we learned about World War One, and decided we would make Scrapbook pages. On it we put documents, pictures and anything relative to our soldier. (Cuthbert Frank Shaw)

We cut out bits and pieces of documents, pictures, medals and poppies and collaged them onto an A4 piece of paper. After we had finished doing the collaging we were taken out of the class group by group and cut out a silhouette of a soldier and poppies. When we had cut them out in the shape that we wanted, we tested out different textures of printing and when we were happy with the texture that we wanted to use on our collage, we printed (with paint) around the edge of the silhouette that we wanted onto the collage.



Written by Robin & Denis