Children’s Pilgrimage to Walsingham

We took a group of 28 children to Walsingham from 15th-17th March. We took part in a number of activities across the weekend, including making a presentation to the whole group, walking the Holy Mile, being blessed with water from the well, visiting the Holy House as well as exploring the village of Walsingham and the Shrine itself. Other activities included arts and crafts, inflatables, sumo wrestling and a disco.

We will be reflecting on our pilgrimage over the coming weeks and months and be making further presentations in church and at school.

We hope you enjoy the pictures!

Please follow the link to the Walsingham website for more photos.

Children’s Pilgrimage 2019

Year 5 visit to Michelham Priory

On Thursday 14th March the Year 5’s visited Michelham Priory as part of their termly learning adventure about the Tudors.

They had a wonderful hands-on day exploring the grounds, the kitchens, grinding spices and using quills – which some of the children were excellent at!

The children also took part in a drama, dressing up and living as King Henry VIII’s court, and enjoyed a ‘Tudor Feast’ in the dining hall.


The staff and volunteers at the Priory were fantastic making the day a brilliant experience for everyone (adults included).

Every child was gifted a free entry ticket so they can return with their families and perhaps share a thing or two that they have learnt.



Investigating Holy Week

In RE, Pearl class have been investigating our topic of Holy Week.  On Tuesday afternoon, we worked on creating freeze frames based on two bible stories – the Last Supper and the Garden of Gethsemane. We needed to be creative in the way that we became our characters.  We needed to think about our body language and facial expressions to show how each character was feeling and to help make it clear which character was which.  Many of us chose to include Jesus and Judas in our freeze frames as well as another disciple.  Some of us were surprised to find out about the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane.  Some of them fell asleep even though Jesus asked them to keep watch and they all left him when he was arrested.


Can you guess who each person is supposed to be?


Written by Pearl Class

Silver for the Girls!

The girls football team did brilliantly in their first football competition, finishing 2nd and bringing home silver medals! Great start and excellent effort from all the team!


Year 6 Science – Light

Year 6 have been finding out about light this term.  We’ve been drawing each other’s eyes and discovering that light travels in straight lines.  This week, we’ve been investigating shadows.  Next week, we’ll be making a shadow puppet theatre.

Here are some photos of the children at work and of their work so far!

Volcanoes erupting in Amethyst Class!

In Year Three we have been exploring the life cycle of a volcano in our ‘Earth Rocks’ Learning Adventure. After making papier mache volcanoes, we then created the lava by combining vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create an acid and alkali reaction .

Below are some photos from the actual eruption event!




Alongside this, the children have been writing some brilliant formal recounts about the process. Below is Hollie’s writing in it’s draft form. We are so proud of Hollie because, not only has she written a very engaging piece, but she has worked extremely hard on her targets, as have so many in Year Three.

We hope you are as impressed as we are!





Year 4 Visit to Hastings Mosque

On Tuesday 20th November 2018, Year 4 went to Hastings Mosque.

When we arrived we had to take our shoes and socks off to be respectful, and some of the girls wore headscarves to show respect to the Imam. We had a tour of the Mosque and then we drew pictures of some of the features that we spotted.

We found it really interesting that the carpet in the mosque was designed so that when the Muslims are praying there they are automatically facing towards Mecca. There were also lots of clocks to remind the Muslims when their prayers (they pray 5 times a day!) have to take place.

The Mosque building itself used to be a school, but was bought by the Muslim community in Hastings 30 years ago and converted into a place of worship.

Whilst there we also learned that the men and women pray in separate rooms.



The special carpet in the Mosque.

The Imam

A huge collection of Qurans!

The special clock with reminds worshippers of the prayer times.

Jaxon re enacting a Muslim prayer using a Quran and the special carpet.

Coral Christmas Enterprise

Here are some pictures of Coral class decorating the cookies that we made for the Christmas Enterprise Fair.

The children really hope you enjoyed eating the biscuits as much as they enjoyed decorating them!