Learn and Earn – our school shop!

Read here to find out all about our School Shop and how it works!


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Our pupils are always looking for different, exciting ways to raise funds to keep our shop fully stocked. They work together to organise whole school events such as the penny trail around our playground and a car wash!

Our links with local businesses help to raise aspirations for our children and we use our English skills to write thank you letters for any donations.

Bonkers Hats

The Children in Topaz had the opportunity to work with Sarah Evans, a local artist from 18 hours and the Storytelling Festival.  All children are welcome to come along to the parade which starts at 3 p.m on Sunday 11th November from the Stade.


World War 1 in Topaz Class.

The children have been learning about World War 1.  They have looked at artefacts from World War 1 and had the opportunity to dress up in some replica clothing.  The children also put together a short play for Worship and learnt some WW1 songs.  They will be reenacting this in Messy Mass on 30th October at 3.30pm.

The children then spent time looking on the Roll of Honour website to find soldiers that lived close to their house or street.  They then sent posters out to these homes so they can be displayed in the home of that soldier.

Fabulous P.E

We have had the opportunity to take part in some amazing P.E lessons this term with coaches coming in to teach the children and the adults. The children have had an amazing time and so have we.  We have enjoyed, tag rugby, cricket and hockey.  We are looking forward to gymnastics next term.


The amazing Christ Church Smoothie Bike

We recently purchased a smoothie making bike as part of our Healthy School Project. The aim of this marvellous machine is to raise awareness of healthy choices, not only in what we eat but also in the value of exercise in our daily lives.

Children from across the school had the opportunity to find out about how the bike worked as well as designing and making their own smoothies.

Mr Kamara, Headteacher from our link school in Hastings, Sierra Leone provided the pedal power and children chose a range of healthy ingredients to create their super smoothies.

Hayden from Year 6 said, “I made a melon, honey and apple juice smoothie. It was the best smoothie I’ve ever had, sweet and really tasty.”

Year 6 trip to Alexandra Park

Year 6 visited the park to look at native trees.  As part of their work, they were measuring leaves, working out how old the trees are having measured their girth, and approximating the heights of some of the trees.  They also took bark and leaf rubbings to make comparisons with the Amazon Rainforest, which they are studying this term.