Mallydams Visit 2018

Diamond Class have just got back from our residential visit to RSCPA Mallydams Wood.  Here are a few of the photos from our trip.  Please note that all of the following post has been written by the children themselves.

Mallydams is a fun, educational environment with lots to do.  Year 6 stayed for two nights.  The days were packed with activities such as: a hedgehog trail, den building, making a fire, badger watching, roasting marshmallows, surviving in the wild, bunny agility course, track and trail and the clay pit.

On our first day, we visited the clay pit. We made little hedgehogs and got some clay even onto our faces.  I enjoyed making my cute little hedgehog because it was messy and really smelly! My hedgehog had a pointy nose and spikes on its back made out of little twigs.  It was so good making the hedgehogs.

On our first night at Mallydams, we did a badger watch. We made them some food to eat so they would come (badgers have amazing noses).  Their food was made up of peanuts, dog biscuits and cat food.  We had to wait for a while patiently because badgers can get scared of humans.  On the badger watch, we managed to spot two badgers! Some people even managed to see foxes!

When we were at Mallydams, on Tuesday, we made leaf hats as part of our camouflage. We were told by Sam (our guide) that animals needed to camouflage to survive, so we all put face paint on and made hats.

Also, as part of survival, we built dens. We used big, wide sticks to build the structure and then added leafy twigs and sticks.  We even created sofas inside our den by using logs and laying our jumpers over to make them more comfy.

We found different types and sizes of wood and then took it in turns to build an upside-down fire.  Once we had lit the fire (with Vaseline wrapped in cotton wool on top of a shell), we roasted marshmallows.

On Tuesday, we roasted marshmallows and they tasted really good.  I loved the experience of baking it ourselves. The marshmallow I baked got burnt a bit but the inside was really creamy and delicious! We put the marshmallow that we baked in between two chocolate biscuits and I loved it so much.  It was great fun doing it with my friends!

We were holding skulls of different animals such as a horse, fox, rabbit, badger and swan.

After gathering for a group photo at the end of our visit, we went for a lovely nature walk back to the house to get ready to come back to school.