The Hub

As our school community places such high value on positive behaviour and wellbeing, we have established a staffed specialist room, called The Hub, which provides a more closely supervised and controlled environment for children requiring behaviour support.  This environment provides more personalised support and structure, where it is possible to nurture the child and tailor any additional provision needed for them to make good future behaviour choices.

Children will reflect on situations and behaviour choices made, explore options available to them and develop personal strategies to successfully deal with future situations.  The whole goal of this resource is to provide targeted and personalised help to the children who need it most, with the aim of smooth and speedy reintegration to class, having given them the tools needed to behave well and succeed there.


Children can also choose to spend some time in the Hub at break times or lunch times for Alternative Play. As some children find these ‘less structured outside times’ more challenging, they can chose to spend some or all of their play time in the more controlled surroundings of the Hub. This option has proved quite popular and particularly beneficial for many of our children with ASD who enjoy more structured play.

The Hub is a special and safe place in our school for children – and one where they can get the space, time and personalised support they might need to succeed and become the very best versions of themselves.