Working towards Artsmark

Artsmark – Monday 10th March 2019

The beginning of this year (January 2019) saw our Statement of Commitment being accepted which marked the beginning of Our Artsmark Journey.

Since January the Class Art Ambassadors have been nominated and they have attended meetings with me on a Friday lunchtime.

The children chosen or nominated are:

Violet and Cosma – Yr 3

Charlotte, Lili and Alan – Yr4

Denis and Harry – Yr5

Rueben and Asher – Yr 6


The idea behind the Ambassadors is that the children take a lead in the Arts within the school and community activities.  Since January the children have met with me on a Friday lunchtime (if they have wanted too), to discuss how the small art room off the large hall is going to work within our school.  We have stocked the room, they chose a name, ‘Christ Church Art and Crafts Corner’ and on Thursday last week we opened our doors for the first time at lunchtime.  This time was greatly attended by lots of Key Stage 1 children and some Key Stage 2.  It was fabulous, the children started to make pictures for an Exhibition in April.

We will be opening our doors again this week.

Ms Borthwick