Christ Church CE Primary and Nursery Academy

An EXCELLENT Church School in all areas. OUTSTANDING Early Years provision.

Learning to live together, together living to learn. “Learn from Me.” (Matthew 11:29)

For every child to reach their God-given potential in a positive, caring and aspirational environment.

Heads’ Welcome

A very warm welcome to our website. We hope that you enjoy your visit, whether you are a parent, carer, pupil, member of staff, friend of the school or a visitor. We hope that you find our website both interesting and informative.


Our school is based in the historic town of Hastings & St Leonards. The original school was built on the site of Christ Church in London Road, St Leonards. In 1989 we moved to our new premises in Woodland Vale Road. The school keeps its strong link with Christ Church.


We are fortunate in having children of different nationalities, faiths, needs and abilities. This means that our school reflects the diversity of the world and helps us to act out our mission statement, “Learning to live together, together living to learn.”


Ethos and Values


To promote the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of our pupils we provide the Christian ethos in which they can flourish.


We consider the following aspects of school life to be vital in creating this ethos:-


  • That all understand and respect the Christian foundation of our church school
  • That our staff, pupils, parents and governors all demonstrate caring and respectful relationships. (That all respect the uniqueness of the individual, that, “We are all unique and special because God made us.”, whilst recognising the need for co-operation to support the whole school community)
  • That our school is a ‘safe’ place in which to worship and that this worship and particularly prayer is not restricted to collective worship in the halls but that it can permeate all aspects of school life.
  • That organisation within our classrooms, agreed rules, standards of behaviour, policies and values inherent in our relationships are based on Christian principles
  • That we have an effective pastoral system also supported by our school council where the views of pupils are heard and respected.
  • That curriculum and aspect programmes, wherever possible and, in particular, those concerned with personal, health, sex, PSHE and Citizenship, should be set in the context of our Christian values
  • That sensitive and effective provision is made for children from “different groups” and in particular those vulnerable to underachievement. (see Inclusion Policy Statement) and that extra curricular activities provide additional support
  • That ours is a school which has strong links with Christ Church, welcomes members of its congregation to worship with us whilst, in turn, we contribute to the life of our church
  • That the warmth of our welcome to visitors, pupils and adults alike indicates immediately the Christian values we seek to promote
  • That our building and resources support a Church school education and that we can display Christian symbols with confidence to indicate the Christian foundation of our school
  • That all values based on Christian principles are offered rather than forced.


The general life of our school promotes spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


It is a huge privilege to write to you as the Headteachers of Christ Church CE Primary and Nursery Academy. We are very excited to be working with a dedicated and talented staff, focused on providing the best possible quality of education for all children in this caring and supportive church school. Our school mission statement, “Learning to live together, together living to learn” is central to our strong belief that forging even closer links with you and our community will help achieve the best outcomes for your children. As experienced leaders at Christ Church, with proven track records of securing improvement in a number of different schools, we feel well placed to take the academy into an exciting future.


Mr Russell Thorne and Mrs Susannah Singh