Christ Church CE Primary and Nursery Academy

An EXCELLENT Church School in all areas. OUTSTANDING Early Years provision.

Learning to live together, together living to learn. “Learn from Me.” (Matthew 11:29)

For every child to reach their God-given potential in a positive, caring and aspirational environment.



2023 - 2024


Last term in Nursery, 5 hungry caterpillars came to stay with us. We observed them as they ate lots of special food and grew bigger and bigger. The caterpillars made themselves cosy cocoons and over the Easter holidays they emerged as beautiful butterflies. On the first day back at Nursery we went up to the nature trail and released our butterflies. The children enjoyed being able to see them so close up and watched as they flew away to their new homes.

1st April 2021

Aquamarine class had a very cute visitor this week. The children enjoyed meeting and stroking the baby chick and linking it to our learning about Spring and new life. All of our children were very gentle and showed how responsible they can be when caring for an animal.


26th March 2021

This term at nursery our children have been working very hard on being able to write their own names. I think you will agree they are doing a fantastic job! Can you spot your child's name among our beautiful display? What a talented bunch we have!