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Summer Music Concert June 2022

'A Town Explores a Book' writing competition.

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Well done Joan in Topaz class for being a runner up in the competition. Here is your entry read by Patrice Lawrence (Author).
The book the children have responded to was 'The Diddakoi' written by Rumer Godden who was from Rye. The children attended drama and art workshops at the Hasting's Museum as a response to the book. The main theme of the project was to explore differences, bullying and the difference kindness can make. The children have had the book read to them in class.

Also in Topaz!

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Amalia has also been a runner up in the writing competition. Here is your writing being read by Hannah Collison - one of the judges.

Also in Sapphire!

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Well done Lola!

A Mysterious Appearance!


 We had something unusual arrive at our school over the weekend and we were completely mystified about it. It has come with a letter which gives only a little bit of information. We are hoping the children will be able to find out more about this strange object!

Dear Friends,

I have left my egg here for you to look after. Unfortunately, I have had a magical emergency and have had to leave it behind. A little bird tells me that you are a very caring and thoughtful school so I feel confident that you will care for it until I can return.

If you want to you can give my egg a name. At the moment, I call it Egg but that is not very imaginative is it? Can you think what sort of animal I am? Not all animals lay eggs and mine is particularly large.

I hope you will be able to let me know how my egg is getting on or create some wonderful stories about Egg so that it will cheer me up because I will be missing it. You could even find out about different eggs or animals that lay eggs. Do you know how animals care for their eggs?

If it hatches while I am gone, please tell it that I will be back soon and that I love it.

Thank you everyone

Egg’s mum.

Topaz visit the egg!

Dear Peridot Class

Thank you for all those children sending me mind messages about how cold it was at your school yesterday. As a result, I collected my egg soon after school finished, and I was so lucky to see him hatch late last night.

As a thank you, I have got one of your adults to bring in a special cake that looks just like my little baby dragon. In honour of you all, I have named him Peridot!


Thank you again,  from Mummy Dragon.

Peridot the dragon!

Peridot visiting the egg!

                                                         World Book Day 2022 !   


          This year, World Book Day was fantastic! The children really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters and exploring a class book carefully chosen by their teachers.  Teachers also read from their favourite book to the children in different  classes. Reading, writing and art activities took place to celebrate the world of reading.

World Book Day 4th March 2021


Our children had fun dressing up as their favourite book characters such as Dog Man, Harry Potter, Matilda and The Cat in the Hat. The children were enthusiastic to swap good quality and correct level books that they had read with their friends; in fact, every book brought in swapped! In the morning, they made book characters out of potatoes and art materials to a high degree of success. The winners of the potato head competition were Harry A with a character from The Vicious Vikings by Terry Deary and Leo M with Dog Man. Finally yet importantly, we tuned into You Tube to watch a live broadcast of an interview with Children’s Laureate Cressida Cowell, the author of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ books and ‘The Wizards of Once’, who spoke about developing characters and imagination.

We had a lot of fun!

To celebrate World Book Day we have asked staff to read one or part of their favourite stories and share it on the website. We hope you find your favourite and enjoy the other stories on offer.


We also hope this emphasises the importance of reading, not only in school, but also outside of school.


Have fun and enjoy the stories!