Christ Church CE Primary and Nursery Academy

Learning to live together, together living to learn. “Learn from Me.” (Matthew 11:29)

For every child to reach their God-given potential in a positive, caring and aspirational environment.

Vision Statement


Every year we re-visit our Church School vision statement.

What is our school vision?

"Learning to Live Together, Together Living to Learn."

 For every child to reach their God given potential in a positive, caring and aspirational environment.


Our biblical verse is:


"Learn from Me." Matthew 11:29


Learn from who?

‘Me’ means Jesus.  In Matthew’s Gospel, he tells us to learn from Him.  We can follow His example to lead a better life and look to Him to get help. We have learnt some core Christian values from His teachings, such as the Parable of the Lost Sheep. Jesus was the Good Shepherd and cared for every one of his sheep. Just like us, they were all unique and special to Him as He loved each one of them.

In our lives, we try to live as He did, as a loving community, showing the values of forgiveness, kindness, trust, love and joy.


You could also learn from yourself – learn from what you are and what you’ve done in the past.  For example, you have the opportunity to think about what you’ve done.  You know if it’s not right and so therefore try hard to do better in the future, thinking about what you have learnt from Jesus and His Life.


What does the rest of it mean?

Learning to live together – well that’s easy. It means that we learn to be honest and respectful to each other and get along as one big family. Everyone is included, no one is left out.  We are from different faiths and backgrounds but we get along in our school community.


What about the other part?  ‘Together living to learn’?

It makes the learning important.  That we work together.  It helps us remember that learning is important throughout our lives.


You will see our vision statement on our uniform.