Christ Church CE Primary and Nursery Academy

An EXCELLENT Church School in all areas. OUTSTANDING Early Years provision.

Learning to live together, together living to learn. “Learn from Me.” (Matthew 11:29)

For every child to reach their God-given potential in a positive, caring and aspirational environment.

Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills

Our vision of enabling every child to achieve their God given potential is one that everyone at Christ Church shares and strives for. We are proud of our academic track record, supporting all our pupil's needs, and enabling them to achieve above the national average in Reading, Writing and Maths. We are equally proud of the opportunities pupils at Christ Church get through a broad and balanced curriculum that focusses on the LIFE SKILLS and SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT they will need in order to flourish and prepare them well for their next steps.

Spirituality is at the 'heart' of our school. It is how we understand ourselves and our place in the world. We care for our local and global community and our core Christian Values underpin our learning and encourage our children to ask the 'Big Questions'.

Our whole school community have been involved in exploring what spirituality means. Spiritual learners become increasingly aware of the concept of beyond - the ability to explore experience beyond the everyday. The school's shared understanding of spiritual development enables staff to confidently move beyond planned opportunities and respond to spontaneous opportunities that occur.

An outdoor stimulating prayer and reflection space is currently being developed in the corner of our Nature Trail by Year 6 and Class Worship Leaders - providing another special place for children and adults to go for prayer and reflection opportunities.



Learning about The Trinity

Awe and Wonder



Last term in Nursery, 5 hungry caterpillars came to stay with us. We observed them as they ate lots of special food and grew bigger and bigger. The caterpillars made themselves cosy cocoons and over the Easter holidays they emerged as beautiful butterflies. On the first day back at Nursery we went up to the nature trail and released our butterflies. The children enjoyed being able to see them so close up and watched as they flew away to their new homes.