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Ruby Stunning Starter Ancient Greece

As an introduction into our new topic ‘Ancient Greece’ we had a Greek tasting morning. We were able to listen to Greek music whilst tasting new and different foods; tzatziki, feta, olives, flat bread, Greek yoghurts and couscous. The children were very brave and tried most things, some went down well some not so well.

‘The yoghurt was lovely even without honey’ – Riley

‘ I do not like olives!!’ – Toby

‘The couscous was amazing’ – Mollie

The feta was lovely even with honey’ – Fiona

‘I recommend the honey’ – Matthew

‘The honey was very sweet’ – Jannah

‘I think the couscous was the best, I enjoyed the yoghurt and honey together, forget the rest’ -Emmanuel

‘I found out I really like tzatziki’ – Noah

‘Everything was amazing’ -Kosma

‘All the food was bad except from the bread, I would not have wanted to live in ancient Greece’ -Lewis